Guide for Buying Property

Step 1 Expressions of Interest

Express your interest in our real estate and together we will find the property you are interested. This can be done in the following ways: through our online form on our website; via email at our email address, by calling our office at 0030 26740-61444 or you can visit the office us, where you can personally discuss your search criteria.

 Step 2 Update the appropriate property

Once fully realize your search criteria, we will use the extensive knowledge and experience to offer you a selection of properties that meet your criteria. We also keep you constantly up to date with email alerts, when new properties come on the market.

 Step 3 Displaying property

When you decide that a certain property from our list meets your criteria, then we will make an appointment to see the property closely, accompanied us.

 Step 4 Offer

After you find the property of your dreams then you need to promote your offer to the seller. At this point there is no legal obligation on the part of either the vendor or by your side, until the signing of the final contract.

Step 5 Your offer is accepted

Since legal act by the buyer and by the seller, we can help you to reach a value that satisfies both parties.

Step 6 Make a proxy, edit AFM and open the bank account

After reaching an agreement on the price, you can go to a proxy solicitor if you wish to edit and Tax Identification Number to open a bank account in Greek, procedures we can arrange for you to proceed to the next step.

 Step 7 To complete the process

Your lawyer, working with us will start the process to check all the necessary documents or to obtain the information needed for the property to go into a preliminary agreement. This test confirms a clean title to the property and there are no extra charges (for example mortgages, tax outstanding, etc.). If you are going to land, this includes confirmation that permitted construction. Where required additional certifications (for example, the Forest Service) will also be issued at the same time.

 Step 8 Preliminary contract

Prepare a preliminary agreement signed by both parties to the notary, usually by their lawyers. This binds the buyer and seller on price and completion date of purchase. At the time of signing the preliminary contract, the buyer pays an agreed advance payment is usually around 10% of the sale price. This deposit is refundable if the lawyer buyers find some impediment of control instruments. However, if the buyer wants to cancel the agreement for any other reason, the deposit is deducted.

 Step 9 Write the final Contract

The Notary along with their lawyers will make the final contract before completion. The final contract will define and include all the information about the property. Before you sign the final contract, signed a statement and the final amount of tax that would be payable arise. This is the transfer tax attributable to the State.

 Step 10 Complete

On the day of signature of the final contract, which takes place at the notary, signed all the documents by both parties or their lawyers. The price paid by the buyer and the contract is completed. The Contract shall be deposited in the Land Registry and Notary holding a copy. Certified copies are also given to the buyer and the seller..

Guide for selling property

Step 1 Choose real agency

The company choice is very important. Our Company is considered the most-leading mortgage transaction has access to a large percentage of potential buyers. Through spo marketing strategies available to us, we are fully committed to attract serious buyers and match their criteria the ideal property. With the vast experience and knowledge we can ensure the best possible visibility and value for your property.

Step 2 Assessment

In Construction and Real Estate George Diamantis, we believe that the key to a successful sale is diaflimisi the property at the right price in order to attract serious interest from qualified prospects. Because we operate exclusively in Kefalonia and Ithaka, rich knowledge of the local market and the specific requirements are the factors that determine a realistic and accurate assessment of your property.

Step 3 Show

We will visit your property to do professional photography and detailed description of your property and the first step in the sale of your property is completed.

Step 4 Promote your property

Our main goal is to find the right buyer for your property to achieve this we have many marketing strategies to maximize the view, in many ways such as through our website, to view the site in the external as well as campaigns promotion through emails.

Step 5 Possible buyers

All visits potential buyers are escorted us to maximize the opportunities that exist, we will use our knowledge in order to sell your property the first time.

 Step 6 Offer

In search of a suitable buyer will try to give you a fair and realistic offer to ensure that the buyer has the opportunity to do a deal, informing you of any special conditions.

 Step 7 Accept the offer

With our wide experience and since we are legally bound to act and by the buyer and by the seller, we can help you in negotiating and finalizing the purchase price and whether there are any schedules on the transaction.

 Step 8 Preliminary contract

At this stage prepared and signed by both parties, usually by the lawyers of the buyer and seller of a preliminary agreement that takes place in the notary. This commits both parties to the price and the date of completion of the purchase. At the same time signature of the preliminary contract the buyer pays an agreed advance payment is usually 10% of the final purchase price. This deposit is refundable if the buyer’s solicitor find any impediment from our audit. However if the buyer wishes to withdraw from the agreement, for any reason, the deposit is forfeited.

 Step 9 Complete and Final Contract

The Notary along with the lawyers of both parties will prepare the Final Contract before completion. The final Contract will include all the details and information about the property for sale. On the day of the final contract signed all the necessary documents by both parties or their lawyers, paid the balance of the Contract price and complete.