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Pre-erthquike ruins for sale within the settlement, of 1.415 sq.m., even and buildable in Antipata, Erissos, with double street frontage. It is suitable for tourist investment, or for the construction of a permanent or holiday home. The village of Antipata…

Area: Antipata
Size: 1.415 sq. m.
Price: 70.000

For sale land plot of 8.624sq.m. in Dilinata of Argostoli. The present plot is even and buildable and is suitable for tourist investment, or the construction of a country house. It is suitable even for the construction of a photovoltaic…

Area: Dilinata
Size: 8.624 sq. m.
Price: 70.000

For sale land 2.428,09sq.m. in Ferentinata of Pylaros, of which 597.51sq.m are within the settlement and 1,799.60sq.m. are located outside the boundaries of the settlement. The present plot is even and buildable, it builds up to 240sq.m. and it is…

Area: Ferentinata
Size: 2.428,09 sq. m.
Price: 70.000

Land plot for sale, of 1.416,85 sq.m. in the settlement of Mpekatorata. The present plot is suitable for tourist investment, or for country or permanent residence. Bekatorata is located 5 minutes from the village Divarata and the famous beach of…

Area: Mpekatorata
Size: 1.416,85 sq. m.
Price: 15.000

For sale unfinished two-storey building of 200sq.m. on a plot of 2.327sq.m. in Chaliotata, which was built in 2010. The plot is licensed for a swimming pool. It is suitable for holiday or permanent residence, or tourist investment. The village…

Area: Chaliotata
Size: 200 sq.m. plot 2.327 sq. m.
Price: 225.000

SOLD Plot of 867 sq.m. for sale in Psilithrias Erissos. The present plot is located within the settlement and is even and buildable. Its location makes it unique, as it is located in the greenery and is suitable for the…

Area: Psilithria
Size: 867 sq. m.
Price: SOLD

Plot for sale in Komitata Erissos within the settlement of 3.162sq.m. It has a panoramic view from Patras to Lefkada. The location of the plot makes its view unique. Inside the plot there is an old threshing floor. The property…

Area: Komitata
Size: 3.162 sq. m.
Price: 130.000

Plot for sale within the settlement of approximately 1,953.25 sq.m. in the village of Katsarata of Erisos, overlooking the sea and the islands of Lefkada and Ithaca. It is located in the green and is suitable for tourist investment but…

Area: Katsarata
Size: 1.953 sq. m.
Price: 150.000

Plot for sale within a settlement of approximately 1,200 sq.m. in the village of Katsarata of Erisos, overlooking the sea and the islands of Lefkada and Ithaca. Its location makes it unique as it has a facade on two streets…

Area: Katsarata
Size: 1.200 sq. m.
Price: 130.000

For sale a house of 180sq.m. on a plot of 850sq.m., inside the settlement in Maggano, Erissos. the property extends on 2 levels, the ground floor which consists of 2 apartments with a total area of ​​70sq.m and the first…

Area: Magganos
Size: 180 sq. m.
Price: 390.000

For sale a house of 220sq.m in Tselentata Erissos on a plot of 3,500sq.m. (inside the settlement the 2,500sq.m. and the 1,000sq.m. outside). The house consists of three levels, the ground floor 100sq.m. approximately which has 2 studios, the 1st…

Area: Tselentata
Size: 220 sq. m.
Price: 600.000

SOLD For sale 2 plots of 221,70sq.m. (with the possibility of building up to 240sq.m.) and 170sq.m. with an unfinished relief house of 34,70sq.m. (with the possibility of building 135sq.m. extra), within the settlement of Karya Erissos. The properties are…

Area: Karya
Size: 391,7 sq. m.
Price: 35.000

Villa for sale in Makriotika, Pylarou 150.51sq.m. on a plot of 628.37sq.m., within the settlement. The villa consists of two levels. On the ground floor there is an open plan kitchen / dining room / living room, a bedroom with…

Area: Makriotika
Size: 150,51 sq. m.
Price: 400.000

SOLD – 4-star hotel for sale, with a total area of ​​1605.78sqm on a plot of 2,000.34sqm, in Manganos, Erissos. The property consists of 11 rooms in operation (26 beds) and another 11 rooms which are under construction (with a…

Area: Magganos
Size: 1605,78 sq. m.
Price: SOLD

3-star hotel for sale, with 36 rooms, with a total area of ​​1,628.16sq.m., in Skala. -The 1st building plus. of 337.2sq.m., has a basement of 175sq.m., with WC and changing rooms as well as auxiliary spaces and ground floor of…

Area: Skala
Size: 1.628,16 sq. m.
Price: 900.000

For sale a plot of 5,300 sq.m. in Plagia Erissos. The property includes a building permit for a residential complex with a total area of 170 sq.m. with pool. This stunning plot is an ideal destination, an oasis of peace…

Area: Plagia
Size: 5.300 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

COMMITTED A pre-earthquake two-storey house of 161sq.m. and 85sq.m. ancillary spaces, is for sale on a plot of 1,380sq.m. within the settlement of Vasilikades Erissos. The property is located in the center of the village on the country road and…

Area: Vasilikades
Size: 161 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

For sale 3 plots of 1) 4,019 sq.m., 2) 4,045 sq.m. and 3) 2,661 sq.m. even and buildable in Poulata Sami. They are flat with many olive trees and suitable for agricultural exploitation, for the construction of a permanent or…

Area: Poulata
Size: 10.725 sq. m.
Price: 70.000

In a unique place in the traditional settlement of Assos with unrestricted views of the Ionian Sea and the Venetian Castle, for sale 3 luxury villas of 80 sq.m. each on a plot of 1,294 sq.m. The houses consist of…

Area: Assos
Size: 240 sq. m.
Price Upon Contact

For sale a plot of 2,095 sq.m. in Loukata, even and buildable, overlooking the plain of Pylaros. This plot is located very close to the village of Divarata, where there are restaurants, cafes and mini markets, but also the most…

Area: Loukata
Size: 2.095 sq. m.
Price: 20.000
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