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For sale ground floor residence in Karavado Livathos on the main road of the village in a very nice neighborhood. The house is 131 sq.m. in a plot of 1.022 sq.m. Within the plot there is also a warehouse of…

Area: Karavados
Size: σπιτι 131 τ.μ. σε οικοπεδο 1.022 τ.μ. sq. m.
Price: 200.000

Landplot for sale in Karavados in Livathos, of 510 sq.m., even and buildable. It is located on the main road of the village in a very nice neighborhood and is suitable for erection of a country house. It also has…

Area: Karavados
Size: 510 sq. m.
Price: 55.000

House for sale in Potamianata, a 53m2 residence within a plot of 504 sq.m. The present property is privileged because of its location very close to the village market. It is also habitable and does not need much money to…

Area: Potamianata
Size: κατοικία 53τ.μ. σε οικοπεδο 504 τ.μ. sq. m.
Price: 55.000

Lanplot for sale of 750sq.m. in Agia Efimia with panoramic views of the picturesque harbor of the village and the plain. It is located just a short walk from the village center less than 5 minutes and is suitable for…

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: 750 sq. m.
Price: 200.000

Plot for sale in Komitata of Erisos, located within a settlement and of 2.948sq.m.It has a panoramic view from Patra to Lefkada.The location of the plot makes the view of the unique .. In front of the plot there is…

Area: Komitata
Size: 2.948 sq. m.
Price: 60.000

Plot for sale in Tselentata Erisos located within the settlement of 2.310sq.m. with panoramic views of Ithaca and Lefkada. There are two old cisterns and a pre-seismic ruins inside the plot. The present property is privileged and is suitable for…

Area: Tselentata
Size: 2.310 sq. m.
Price: 200.000

Landplot for sale in Karavomylos of 4.000 sq.m. The property is located in a quiet neighborhood within lush greenery. It is suitable for construction of country house and from the first floor there is sea view. It is also suitable…

Area: Karavomilos
Size: 4.000 sq. m.
Price: 60.000

House for sale in Vassilopoulata of Pylaros within the settlement on a plot of 561,30sq.m. The building is 152sqm and there is the possibility of restoration of the pre-earthquake ruins and its extension after the present property has the ability…

Area: Vasilopoulata
Size: 152 sq. m.
Price: 50.000

Two landplots for sale in Katsarata Erisos  with a panoramic view of Ithaca and Lefkada. The first plot is 710 sq.m. and builds 400 sq. meters. without the basement. The second plot is 660 sq.m. and builds 240 sq. meters.…

Area: Katsarata
Size: sq. m.
Price: 120.000

Plot for sale in Agia Efimia in central point with 183m2 pre-seismic olive press. in a plot of land of 800 sq.m. also inside the plot there is another pre-earthly residence of 19 sq.m. It has the potential to reconstruct…

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: 800 sq. m.
Price: 350.000

For sale a house in Raftopoulata of Pylaros of 600 sq.m. somewhere in a settlement with auxiliary spaces 30sq.m. about. It is suitable for a country house and has a panoramic view of the plain of Pylaros.

Area: Raftopoulata
Size: 600 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

Landplot for sale of 1.600sq.m. in Agia Efimia with sea and green views. It is suitable for investment and construction of country house.

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: 1.600 sq. m.
Price: 80.000

Plot of land for sale in Agia Efimia 5.500 sq.m. on the provincial road of Agia Efimia-Divarata with a view of the sea and green. It is suitable for investment of tourist homes and for construction of country house.

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: 5.500 sq. m.
Price: 150.000

Landplot  for sale in Assos of 500sq.m. with a panoramic view of the village of Assos and the whole Ionian Sea. It is suitable for construction of country house but also tourist investment.

Area: Assos
Size: 500 sq. m.
Price: 70.000

Three Landplots for sale together and separately at Potamianata Pylaros within the settlements, well built and suitable for professional use on the provincial road of Agia Efimia-Divarata. They are located at the middle of Pylairos and is by car 3…

Area: Potamianata
Size: 508sq.m, 715sq.m., 920sq.m sq. m.
Price: 45.000, 57,000, 59.000

Landplotfor sale over the picturesque’Assos village, of 42.000sq.m. It is suitable for tourist investment and its view is magnificent since it has panoramic view to the endless blue Ionian Sea.

Area: Assos
Size: 42.000 sq. m.
Price: 850.000

Landplot for sale in Steliata of Erisos within 827sq.m. It has a building permit for 2 detached houses of 180m2. with basement and 2 floors each. It is very close to Fiscardo about 10 minutes by car and very close…

Area: Steliata
Size: 827 sq. m.
Price: 75.000

Οld residence for sale of 80 square meters at Assos on a plot of land around 200 square meters. It is just 50 meters from the beach of the picturesque village and 40 meters from the village square. It is…

Area: Assos
Size: 80 sq. m.
Price: 165.000

Property for sale in Tzamarelata, of a room rental company, overlooking the endless blue of the Ionian Sea. It has its own clientele every year since it has been many years on the market and provides a very good income for…

Area: Tzamarelata
Size: sq. m.
Price: 790.000

Landplot for sale of 8.000 sq.m. , buildable, in Fiscardo. It has panoramic views of the picturesque harbor, Ithaca and Lefkada. It is one of the few unique land plots located in cosmopolitan Fiskardo. It is suitable for the development…

Area: Fiscardo
Size: 8.000 sq. m.
Price: 850.000
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