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For sale plot of land in Sami, 10,000 sq.m. It is close to the market of Sami and is suitable for construction of tourist investment and construction of country house. It can also be sold on 2 separate 4,000 m²…

Area: Sami
Size: 10,000 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

Landplot for sale in the traditional settlement of Tselentata of Erisos, of 1,111 sq.m. with panoramic views of Lefkada and Ithaca. It is suitable for construction of tourist investment and construction of country house.

Area: Tselentata
Size: 1.111 sq. m.
Price: 80.000

Plot for sale in Agia Efimia, in a building of 330 sq.m. It is located in a central part of the village near the market and is suitable for professional use.

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: 330 sq. m.

Newly-built House in Makriotika of Pylaros with a view to the picturesque harbor of Agia Efimia on a plot of land of 475 sq.m. It is fully equipped and has little use.It has 2 open parking spaces, very large garden and…

Area: Makriotika
Size: 475 sq. m.
Price: 350.000

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Area: Fiscardo
Size: 134,28 sq. m.
Price: 150.000

Detached house for sale in Sami, 68 sq.m., inside a settlement on a plot of 361 sq.m., adjacent to 2 streets. This property is on a main road and is suitable for business use. The house is habitable and has…

Area: Sami
Size: 68 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

House for sale in Antipata of Erisos of 250 sq.m. on a plot of 982 sq.m. It consists of the ground floor which is designed for a guest house with a bathroom and a kitchen. Also on the ground floor there…

Area: Antipata
Size: 250 sq. m.
Price: 220.000

Plot for sale in the village of Kouloubaritsata, buildable 378 sq.m. This property is located in a very quiet place and is suitable for the construction of a country house.

Area: Kouloubaritsata
Size: 378 sq. m.
Price: 60.000

Landplot for sale in Kouloubaritsata, inside and outside the boundaries of the settlement, buildable 1.381sq.m. This property has old stern resources and there was an old vineyard inside the plot. It is in a very quiet spot and is suitable…

Area: Kouloubaritsata
Size: 1.381 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

Plot for sale in the settlement of Makriotikos 2.500 sq.m. even and buildable. The present property is located in a quiet spot in the green and is suitable for construction of country house and tourist investment. It also has great…

Area: Makriotika
Size: 2.500 sq. m.
Price: 45.000

A 20-room hotel in Vathi Ithaca is for sale. It is fully renovated with high performance.

Area: Vathi
Size: sq. m.
Price: 2.200.000

Amphitheatrical landplot for sale in Niochori of Erisos, of 9.500 sq.m. even and buildable. It has panoramic views from Lefkada to Antisamos. It is a point of tranquility and unlimited view. It is suitable for tourist investment or construction of…

Area: Niochori
Size: 9.500 sq. m.
Price: 200.000

Detached house for sale in Poulatas 66 sq.m. in a plot of 500 sq.m. within the settlement of the village. The plot is angular and has the ability to build but square. It is habitable on the ground floor and…

Area: Poulata
Size: 66 sq. m.
Price: 80.000

Landplot for sale in Xiropotamos of Pylaros, within a settlement of 2.100 sq.m. The plot is located in a very quiet neighborhood and is suitable for construction of country house and tourist investment.

Area: Ksiropotamos
Size: 2.100 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

For sale pre-earthquake residence of 72 sq.m. with a water tank on a plot of 227 sq.m. The house is in very good condition and needs a little money to rebuild. It is suitable for a country house as well…

Area: Psilithria
Size: 72 sq. m.
Price: 45.000

Lanplot for sale in Chavriata of Lixouri of 970 sq.m. It is buildable and has a frontage on two roads and with sea view. The present property is level and is very easy to construct but also to its excavation.…

Area: Chavriata
Size: 970 sq. m.
Price: 35.000

For sale a house of 50 sq.m. in Kalimiata of Sami in a plot of 400 sq.m. with view to the sea.Haliotata is an amphitheatric village just 5 minutes by car from Sami and 10 minutes from the beach of…

Area: Chaliotata
Size: 50 sq. m.
Price: 60.000

Ground floor residence of 75 sq.m. in Sami on a plot of 363 sq.m. This property is located in the center of Sami very close to the shops and the beach.You can move everywhere on foot and this makes it…

Area: Sami
Size: 75 sq. m.
Price: 120.000

For sale preconstructed house in Psilithria of Erissos, of 47 sq.m on the ground floor and 45 sq.m. the basement on a plot of land of 900 sq.m. You also have a water tank and are suitable for a country…

Area: Psilithria
Size: 47 sq. m.
Price: 75.000

Landplot for sale in Agia Efimia 27.000 sq.m. on the provincial road of Agia Efimia – Sami, which is adjacent to the sea. The present property is unique and there is an olive grove inside the property. It is suitable…

Area: Agia Efimia
Size: sq. m.
Price: 1.200.000
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