Diamantis Construction & Real Estate Agency

A highly personalized experience.

The Real Estate & Construction Company, Diamantis Real Estate, develops and invests in properties in Kefalonia and Ithaca. We have been building projects aiming at serving people and their needs, sheltering their dreams and desires, producing energy and preserving the environment.

With a dynamic presence in Kefalonia, we continue our growth path with the same commitment and creativity empowered by our people. Our culture is one of creativity balanced with financial and execution discipline. Our product is meticulously detailed and on the forefront of innovative urban design.

Good design is good business. Over the years, our company has established a deep knowledge of the island and its local residential product type. Our goal is to create homes for the diverse and ever changing needs of the 21st century urban dweller.

Our entrepreneurial culture promotes out-of-the-box thinking that encourages creative solutions to design, construction and marketing challenges. Each building is architecturally distinct with an identity closely tied to its context. Special attention is given to floor plans, a building’s skin and their relationship to each other. Process, rigorous due diligence and attention to detail are as critical to project execution as they are to financial success.

You bring a vision. We bring expertise. Together, we’ll navigate the entire home buying process to ensure that your home reflects your personal style. With Diamantis Real Estate, your home can be truly one-of-a-kind.

Giorgos Diamantis
CEO & Founder

First-rate homes. First-rate service. From your first conversation with us, to the final review of your new home before settlement, we are committed to providing first-rate customer service. It's what sets Diamantis Real Estate apart as a builder you can trust.

Choose Diamantis Real Estate and experience the advantage of our hundreds of personalization options, the highest-quality building products, and our unique building methods – all in the best locations across the island.

We are a family business with a tradition of many years in real estate and building constructions. Our company has devoted itself exclusively to the construction, management and real estate brokerage. It's what we love and work exclusively on it, that's why we do it so well.

In the area of sales we stand out because we follow a face to face procedure and communication with each client. This is the basic difference between personal selling of advertising where companies are trying to make massive sales of products and services. We believe in the immediacy of sales and human relations rather than just advertising.